Welcome to Southern

We are a multi-faceted company that constructs new homes and provides services to maintain and repair your existing home. We are a family run business that strives to provide our customers with exceptional quality craftsmanship at competitive prices.


Southern is a family run business with over 85 combined years of experience in the construction field. We have operated in the 4x4 area for over 30 years, stick building our first home in 1981. As a family, we have vacationed lived in Carova Beach, NC since the early 80’s and became full time residents in 1983. We understand the unique needs of home ownership and the need for versatile, quality services in this area.


Our mission is to perform our services in a timely manner at the highest level of quality and to provide them at fair competitive prices. We would want to affirm the continued success of our company and build lasting relationships through repeat and referral business. We strive to exceed customer expectations and maintain trust through safe, quality work, timely service and anticipation of their needs and concerns